FitForce Training CoursesTraining Overview

Training is an essential aspect of any public safety agency’s mandate to protect and to serve. In this case, our goal is to ensure that your officers have the physical and physiological readiness to perform their duties, often in critical or life threatening circumstances. This is not to ignore the day to day concerns confronting administration: sick and injury leave, disability costs, health care and insurance costs to the parent community, as well as selection and retention. A comprehensive Physical Readiness Program should address both the frequent and perhaps the once in a career risk.

Training is one of the three elements of a Physical Readiness Program, along with standards and programming. Our position has long been ‘Standards alone will not work; an agency must have training to be successful’. In fact, it is often the starting point for an agency considering standards. Some of the benefits of training include:

Training Options

The flagship of our company is the FitForce™ Coordinator Course. This provides the informational and philosophical basis for training staff. We recommend building your program around this certification course with other FitForce course offerings as additional certification or instructor development courses.

Trained and certified staff will be better able to oversee and deliver elements of your agency’s program, including the in-service program. We can custom-developed programs, which include train-the-trainer components, to assist you in meeting your requirements. While some of our clients begin the development process with a multi-year plan, others work on an emerging plan to meet their physical readiness needs. In either event, please review the course offerings and let us know how we can help.

Getting Started

Several options exist for getting to a course. In open enrollment programs, we will accept your registration and facilitate your travel arrangements with the local host. If you are interested in hosting a course we will work with you to put people into seats. By agreeing to host a course, you assume responsibility to locally advertise the course(s), identify the facilities necessary to conduct the program, identify local lodging to assist those coming in to stay, and generally get the course up and running. In exchange, we will provide one or more free slots in the course. Our goal is for the host agency to get their personnel trained for free (within reason!).

We will also conduct contract courses - typically for larger agencies. In this instance, an agency negotiates with us directly for a course(s) and a number of attendees for a set fee. With prior approval of the contracting agency, we can make slots available for a tuition fee, to others wishing to attend this local course.

Please contact us at to answer questions or to plan your training.