FitForce™ Tactical Fitness Instructor Course

The basis for this course is the Tactical Fitness Course (TFC). This 16-hour course continues to build on the foundation of motor-related physical fitness developed in the TFC. The instructor course presents additional training modalities to the participants with a specific emphasis on resistance training. The courses must be taken in sequence, individually or in tandem.

The overall goal of the program is the same as its prerequisite: to develop existing instructors and to provide a vehicle for ‘cross training’ of the various disciplines in physical skills training. The rationale for the course is that most fitness training in law enforcement ignores (and actually detrains!) the physical attributes necessary for success in a use of force encounter- at the same time defensive tactics training overlooks the absence of the same attributes. The Tactical Fitness Instructor Course provides additional means to meet this end. Over the two days, participants will:

As with its prerequisite, this course is highly interactive and encourages participation and sharing of experiences. Safety for the participants is a priority.

No prior instructor certification is necessary, however the target audience is physical skills instructors. Participation in all physical activities and completion of both Tactical Fitness courses is necessary for certification. In addition, certificate candidates must successfully pass the written test and submit a project.

All course attendees wishing to be certified must participate in the physical activities; therefore those seeking certification must complete a pre-participation questionnaire and waiver form.