FitForce™ Tactical Fitness Course

The public safety administrator is tasked with ensuring job-preparedness and performance, budget management, compliance with the prevailing legislated and litigated mandates and generally tending to the welfare of the department and its officers. This four to eight hour seminar demonstrates how a well-designed fitness program can contribute to meeting these goals.

The FitForce™ Administrator Guide shows the benefits of fitness for law enforcement and public safety; the seminar and guide demonstrates to participants how they can obtain these benefits by using an agency health and wellness program such as FitForce.

FitForce is a comprehensive program that offers training, tests, standards (optional), and a program framework designed specifically for law enforcement agencies.

To learn how to create a fitness program for your agency that minimizes your legal risks and maximizes your officers’ fitness, participants will:

The seminar is highly interactive, with numerous activities to stimulate learning and encourage participants to share their experiences. The course materials include the FitForce Administrator Guide, a valuable resource that serves as a workbook for the course.

FitForce is the technical advisor to the National League of Cities and the ad hoc Law Enforcement Labor/Management Committee it sponsored. This body has produced a Model Health and Fitness Program which all of the constituent groups have signed-off on. This voluntary participation model will be discussed in detail.