FitForce™ Resistance Training Course

Training for muscular fitness – strength, power, endurance, or general fitness can take many forms. In the recruit academy setting it may focus on calisthenics and partner-resisted exercises; in the in-service setting instruction may be focused on department facilities or personal training capabilities outside of the job that include machines and free weights; special operations groups have recently embraced alternative training methods that may include ‘strongman’ movements or other methods. The resources many instructors rely on for guidance come from the popular press or just handed down from the ‘strongest guy on the job’. This course is intended to present clear, comprehensive, hands-on instruction in resistance training. As such it builds on the science and practice of physical training introduced in the FitForce™ Coordinator Course. Therefore, this program is intended to be delivered along with or as part of an overall plan that includes the Coordinator Course. The format is variable and may be delivered in one or more eight hour blocks depending on the needs of the client agency.

The overall goal of the program is to prepare the participants to administer a resistance- training program. The course was designed to meet the demands specific to public safety. To achieve this end, participants will:

The course materials include handouts and video based information.

Participation in the physical activity including fitness testing is required; there are however, no physical fitness requirements. Exceptions or allowances can be made in the event of injury. Physical fitness training attire, including shorts is necessary, dress is casual. Extra changes of PT attire, towels, paper and writing tool are the only other requirements.

Successful completion of the course, leading to a certificate of completion, requires passing scores on the written and practical exams and class participation.