FitForce™ Advanced Exercise Prescription Course

There are many variables to consider in designing activity or exercise plans for apparently healthy people in a non-clinical setting. The information and guidance comes from long-standing institutions such as the American College of Sports Medicine. As such, a clear set of expectations and responsibilities exist for people administering those programs. Competencies in health screening, principles of fitness, safety, and monitoring are all necessary. This program is intended to be delivered along with or as part of an overall plan that includes the FitForce™ Coordinator Course. The format is variable and may be delivered in one or more eight hour blocks depending on the needs of the client agency.

The goal of the program is to prepare the participants to administer individual activity and exercise plans, principally in a department or in-service setting. The course was designed to meet the demands specific to public safety. To achieve this end, participants will:

The course is highly interactive, with numerous activities to stimulate learning and encourage participants to share their personal experiences. The course materials include handouts, the FitForce Coordinator Guide, and video based information.

Participation in the physical activity including fitness testing is required; there are however, no physical fitness requirements. Exceptions or allowances can be made in the event of injury. Physical fitness training attire, including shorts is necessary, dress is casual. A hand-held pocket calculator, paper and writing tool are the only other requirements.

Successful completion of the course, leading to a certificate of completion, requires passing scores on the written and practical exams and class participation.