FitForce™ Custom Training Courses

Many of our clients have inquired about and requested training programs designed specifically for their agencies. The programs can take many forms and have ranged from simple one to two hour presentations to comprehensive in-service programs for 4000+ man departments to include train the trainer instruction and custom video. Strategic alliances in the publishing industry, principally with Healthy Choice/ Coaches’ Learning in Monterey, CA allow us access to state of the art resources that can include trade books and videos with custom covers, production capability, as well as the design of inter- and intranet based training resources. These courses may be delivered along with or as part of an overall plan that includes the FitForce™ Coordinator Course.

The goal of these courses is to enhance a public safety agency’s physical readiness program by diversifying its offerings. They may be presented by FitForce staff or designed for delivery by agency personnel to its administration, applicant/candidate or recruit population, as well as incumbents. The courses are designed to meet the demands specific to public safety.


All programs can be developed with or without supporting materials, custom or otherwise. In addition, train the trainer programs are recommended for comprehensive, ongoing training concerns. Generally, we recommend to plan on two to three hours of contact time for each one hour of instruction.

Please contact us directly at 978.745.3629 or email us at for information,
pricing, and design options to meet your agency’s specific training needs.