Job Analysis Services

One of the initial steps of a validation study is to examine an agency’s existing policies and procedures as they relate to the position in question. Anecdotally, 9 out of 10 agencies have job descriptions that include tasks such as: enforce the laws of the community or maintain civil order. Similarly, policies will stipulate that an officer maintain health and fitness sufficient to perform their duties. In the presence of documentation such as this, decisions around hiring and retention, even training, can be challenging. As we have noted elsewhere, job actions and job decisions must be based specifically on the demands of the job, and those demands, as well as the basis for any actions, should be documented in advance.

Most agencies do not contract for or conduct a job analysis unless under the auspices of a validation study. In the instance of a study, the focus of the job analysis is the physical demands of the job. We would identify the tasks required of the position and a group (or all) of the agency’s incumbent officers would rate the tasks according to:

The data collected and reported in a job analysis, can prove invaluable to an agency’s operation. Some of the ways in which job analysis data can be used include:

A more comprehensive approach to job analysis may include the cognitive or emotional domains. This type of analysis, which identifies knowledge, skills, and abilities will obviously have varied applications and are typically conducted by an industrial/organizational psychology firm. We have worked extensively with one of the best in the country, PDRI. Please consider contacting us if we can be of assistance.

From the Field

FitForce was contracted by Limited Brands, Inc. – a Fortune 500 company, to conduct a physical job analysis of their security services officer position. LBI is internationally recognized as an industry leader so it was not surprising they would choose to similarly take the lead in their ongoing efforts to professionalize their security services. Among the tasks we performed were: site visits and interviews with their staff, toured their facilities, and conducted a web-based job analysis questionnaire among them. With the information contained in the final report, LBI will continue to advance the development of their security force; the detailed information about the job will be used to inform human capital policies, procedures, and decisions.