About FitForce

FitForce™ has been the national leader in Physical Readiness Solutions for the public safety community since 1993. Our pledge is to provide our clients with the very best scientific, legal and practical training and education, validation of selection and retention standards, policy and procedure analysis and development, as well as ongoing administration, arbitration and litigation support.

Over 70 Years Experience

FitForce™ and its consultant team together have over 70 years of public safety physical fitness experience. This includes: over 100 articles, columns, chapters, books and technical reports, experience with nearly 300 agencies and their representatives, over 95 validation studies for more than 215 agencies (more than 30 in the last 5 years) and a database of over 4000 randomly selected law enforcement officers at agencies for whom we’ve developed standards. If you would like to discuss how we could be of assistance to your agency, please call us at 978.745.3629 or email us at info@FitForceInc.com.

Jay Smith

Jay Smith is the founder of Integrated Fitness Systems and the President of FitForce, Inc. Jay is a project director, primary instructor, and ‘on the ground’ person for the FitForce courses and validation studies conducted around the country.

Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman is the former director of FitForce, and has been training public safety officers, advising agencies about fitness issues, and helping those agencies develop fitness programs for the past 17 years. Currently, Bob is teaching and training and editing the FitForce Blog.

Tom Collingwood

Tom Collingwood has been involved in implementing law enforcement programs for 30 years. Tom has worked with more than 200 law enforcement agencies worldwide; he is the author of seven books and more than 100 publications in the field. Tom continues to provide technical expertise to our work.